A sub-brand based on inclusivity, on non-gender. Studying the Gillette brand, my work group and I realized that binarism is everywhere in this great brand, and that means that many potential users do not feel identified with it. We propose a sub-brand for all those people who do not identify with the gender roles that appear in Gillette-venus or Gillette for men.

Our society is gradually moving towards a more equal world, and the world of design plays an important role in this fight.
The world of aesthetics throughout history has established very marked beauty canons that are barely identifiable with reality and can make X people feel oppressed or not very comfortable with their bodies.

We present a new form of inclusive advertising, all of which is part of the Gillette sub-brand. We do not intend to change the main branding because Gillette users have been buying the brand’s products despite their slight aesthetic or ideological advance (although they are now working on this issue). We simply want to extend the brand’s horizons and try to reach the maximum number of possible users.

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.

We are advancing as a society, and our brands must change together with it.
We bet with a bold but minimalist design with photos of people who would not be within gender roles or who break with the established aesthetic rules. We offer a great world of possibilities where everyone can find its place.