With this magazine I would like to get the attention of curious readers, talking about cases of people who are different, minority, special… showing people with other ways of life or other types of «minds» that we don’t usually know. We will also talk about «diseases» that are not so uncommon, but taboo, difficult to understand or socially misunderstood.

Everyone should have the opportunity to be heard, and a magazine like this can help us to understand what people not so far from us are going through

Each magazine consist of 8 stories / explanations to 12, with photographs, infographics, interviews, letters … it’s visual and it have be a standard type of explanation for everyone to understand it. You can read it without need of being a science person, and therefore, do this magazine available to everyone.

Make the taboo a topic of conversation and put on the table some common diseases in our society that we should know. This would help to know more about the situation of the people around us and create more personalized relationships and more comfortable spaces for everyone.

The idea of ​​this magazine was also to talk about some strange diseases that due to the small number of cases are not invested in the investigation of these. The money collected with the magazine would be dedicated to research purposes.