Female orgasm has been a taboo subject all over the history. The female orgasm has been hidden for years and society never talk about it, not even in intimate couple conversations, it’s an issue that has always been avoided because of shame, or on the contrary, because maybe some man feels his virility affected, and this It has been considered one more edge of machismo.

Sex education for adolescent girls and communication are key to achieving this.

Today female sexuality (in an oppressed past, controlled by men, being a taboo element in our society, making its study or experimentation practically nil) is booming, that is, women are empowering, feminism It has taken a very important role in society, making women take sexual independence and autonomy (it does not take any man or woman to satisfy our sexual needs).

Holy Moly is an app linked to a vibrator that uses artificial intelligence capable of creating different experiences adapting to you without the need for you to say anything. It tries to go deep in each experience removing taboos and creating a total control experience between women and masturbation.

This app allows each woman to get to know herself on a sexual way and creates a total control of the masturbatory experience, giving access to different experiences that, as they are tested, will improve their control. It also offers experiences for two people or in a group, so there are more options to choose and you’re able to play with friends, couples …

The ultimate goal is to get all women to orgasm in the way that they want, maximize pleasure and create unique experiences of connection between women and their sexuality.