Hey how are you? My name is Marina and I am a graphic design student based in Barcelona. Mostly of my work is graphic design and illustration projects with meanings related to social or political causes.

I use design as a tool for social transformation, to visualize causes in which I believe and reach everyone in the most transparent way

I believe in change, and take an active part in it. Communication is powerful and with it the borders seem less. I do it all with passion and detail because I love what I do and I truly believe in the power of visuals for changing things and achieving communication goals.

The monotony makes me nervous, I need constant change and movement in my life. I am not able to stay in one place for more than a week, I am a nomadic species, so if you are looking for me better send a carrier pigeon!

The essence of destroying and creating, the value of the ephemeral, losing the fear of intervention and change. Movement and connection is the way I have not to fall into the motorcycle and force myself to constant change. Don’t try to cage me, I fly faster than you.

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing

Sustainability, respect for the environment, towards people and animals, inclusion and hatred of oppression, visibility and possibilities for all. Burn flags and break borders. That’s our mission, and you can be part.